Listen in on 16 exquisite leadership mentoring sessions.  Strengthen your leadership development as does Joe Miller. 
Imitate the insightful mentoring methods of Sagen Cruz. Or use this book as a leadership seminar agenda.
Each Leadership Rite of Passage is a separate brief chapter and at chapter end, three summaries offer us the leader’s work, leadership mentor's processes, and leadership seminar discussion questions.

In its earliest stages, it is easy for the aspiring leader or executive coach to create an agenda that builds leadership skills: Take the lead, collaborate, chart a course, follow up, revise. Be confident but not aggressive. After the leader masters these basics, the agenda gradually becomes murky and hard to detect.

This book engages the reader by using a business fable which follows Joe Miller's leadership development across the entire span of his career. We see him work to master one challenge after another on his way to becoming an extraordinary leader.

At age 25, Joe inherits his father’s failing business. He seeks the guidance of a wise mentor, Sagen Cruz, who is supportive but challenging. Sagen uses instruction, silence, and empathy as his tools. He sends Joe on a journey of 16 Leadership Rites of Passage. Joe can master each challenge or ignore it, but if he ignores it the challenge will continue to call to him.

As Sagen deftly moves Joe through each Rite of Passage, he points to the great works in the leadership literature. This is intended to sort through the massive number of leadership books and point Joe to those most useful to him. This also gives the reader a nice collection of works for further reading.
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