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Navigator Group, Professional Association, was started in 1998 by Rick Tirrell, Ph.D., as a group practice, as well as a network of independent professionals dedicated to industrial psychology, including leadership coaching, conducting annual planning sessions, and building powerful organizational cultures. We started our work by serving two companies that had revenues above the $3 billion level and soon added small and mid-sized firms. This gave us a national footprint early on as we provided a wide range of operational projects to our clients. Some of this work included Rick writing four business books, two of which are historical profiles of companies and their founders. Click on the Books tab for more.

Work Samples:

  1. Substantial experience conducting leadership coaching, lectures, and workshops in large and small organizations.
  2. Evaluation of team functioning at the Executive Committee and Departmental levels.
  3. Developed year-end planning processes for numerous firms, followed by creating project management steps for each new goal.
  4. Worked with a manufacturer of chemical and pharmaceutical products to create a Professional Development Program for the senior executive team after a new CEO was installed.
  5. Along with a CEO, co-developed a new organizational structure of a mid-sized enterprise into four business units, each with its own strategic goals, financial reporting, and export markets.
  6. Created and executed a customer satisfaction survey that involved an in-depth structured interview with each large customer. The results were used to build new strengths.
  7. Currently conducts the President’s Seminar, ongoing, for a group of presidents, owners, and CEOs in the Kansas City area.

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